I Never Thought That 7 cloves of Garlic with 7 Bay leaves in a Bottle Would do This!

There are days when we will feel tired and nothing works out well. Many there is no peace in our home, or maybe we are facing tough situations. But, be careful about bad vibes and bad energies.

These enter our home and stay until we do something to drive them away. Maybe you are not one of those people who believes in these things, but bad energies and bad vibes exist and influence our lives.

There are many ways in which we can get rid of the bad vibes and energies of our home. This recipe was used by many ancestors in order to expel bad luck. If you perform this ritual, you will notice how the bad, negative energy leaves your home and things will work out great. This is what you need to do to expel the bad spirits from your home.


What you will need:

– A small bottle with corks
– 7 cloves garlic
– 7 bay leaves
– One liter of purified or mineral water


Pour the mineral water in a small bottle, then add the garlic cloves and bay leaves one by one inside.

Now, close the bottle with a cork, then hide it in a corner of your home. Both the garlic and bay leaves are symbols of success and prosperity which will help you restore the balance in your home.