Green tea – better than the very best

Green tea contrary to others, starts massively to be used. It is responsible for many benefits, some call it a miracle of nature. All of you have tried green tea, some say is tasty others not, but if he’s really that helpful or is just a passing fad?

In China this herb is known for several thousand years. Unlike that the green tea has recently come into fashion among us, but in China has long been known the proverb that says better three days without bread than one without tea. And yes, it is used widely for thousand years and never goes out of fashion, which means only one green tea is really powerful weapon of the organism.

The green tea has attributed many properties and rightly so, because green tea is one big reservoir of antioxidants, it prevents premature aging of cells, improves concentration, revitalizes skin, prevents acne and has good anticancer effect.


If you have a bacterial or viral infection, drinking green tea is really good choice. Green tea has antibacterial and antiviral effect strengthens immunity and helps on a natural way to fight the pathogenic organism and return to normal function. Green tea is a powerful anti-hypertension, protects heart protecting blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. So we can safely say that green tea is something without which we should not leave the day. You can drink it hot or lukewarm, and in summer we can drink green tea cooled, it is not a problem, the most important thing is just to drink it regularly, one to two cups a day.

The tea in China and Japan is often used, just as here is used the bread. Means indispensable part of the day. Because of this in China and Japan cancers are significantly underrepresented, compared with any developed country in the world. Green tea contains caffeine, a small but sufficient amount, green tea contains an ideal amount of caffeine. It helps the body to stay awake and active during intense physical and mental activities. Green tea is the number one choice for students, but also for dealing with hard mental work that lasts until late at night.

The benefits of green tea have been confirmed and proven by many studies. Green tea is one of the few herbs that have proven anti-cancer effect. According to some researches people who have cancer in lighter stage with five cups of green tea a day will significantly reduce the risk of spreading. Green tea is recommended to be part of everyone’s menu, but especially those who feed unhealthy, or are part of risk populations of developing cancer in any part of the body.

The ideal amount of green tea is 3-4 cups throughout the day. It contains polyphenols, vitamins and other substances that are good for the body. But like everything else he should not to be taken in excessive amounts, according to some scientists 800-1000 ml during the day is a great dose.

If you are anemic before taking green tea consult a doctor because theoretically green tea can reduce the absorption of iron if consumed in large quantities. Green tea is not recommended in epileptic, people allergic to caffeine, in people who have heart arrhythmias and those who suffer from insomnia because overdose has a similar effect as an overdose of energy drinks.

Green tea reduces appetite, in some cases it is a great thing. If you are on a diet it has another benefit, apart from reducing the appetite it cleanses your body and helps you lose weight.

Note: Overdose of green tea exists, and it’s more than 8-10 cups a day, and it can lead to general weakness of the organism, nausea, vomiting, arrhythmias, headache, insomnia and blackouts and because of that drink green tea regularly, but do not overdo it.