Her eyes changed color, and the reason for this is incredible!

Canadian Carly Fraser said something that shocked the world: she noticed that her eyes became brighter, and it was all due to a different diet – vegan.

It took six years of raw vegan diet for Carly to notice a change in the color of her eyes. Even her friends notice the change, and convince her to share the experience with others. Their curiosity encouraged her to publicly speak out about this change.

Her dark green eyes with brown freckles, after six years of vegan diet, become bright, greyish-blue with a little green and brown part around the pupil. This story arose the interest of many, so experts spoke. It seems that the eyes, including their color express everything that our body experiences inside.


Dr. Robert Morse, a specialist in detoxification and Iridology claims that raw foods can change eye color. He made a few videos about that. Iridology is used as a means of determining the health of a person based on the color, the line and the mark on the iris of the eye. Yellowish color on the pupil is the main indicator of how toxic the human body, says Dr. Morse. Less yellow means less toxicity.

“In teenage period every day I ate a lot of chips, cookies, pizzas … My mother always cooked, but that food was greasy and did not contain everything that was needed for my body. I had big problems with digestion and suffer from overweight by age 15, “Carly said, writes portal Livelovefruit.com.

“So I turned to raw, vegetable food. The digestion has immediately improved and symptoms of irritable bowel disappeared. Adding more fiber to the diet cleanse my body of toxins. I never had so much energy, I’ve never slept better …

And then my dark green eyes have become much lighter, which showed the state of my healthy body. But the color was not the only thing that has changed, the dark spots on the iris have disappeared as well, “concluded Carlo.