Trick with a frozen lemon that will make your life easier: Once you try it, will practice forever!

When you need a lemon, for example, a meal or juice – this way it will always be within your arm’s reach.

If you want the lemon juice or grated zest always to be on hand – please use this practical trick. It’s about that the lemon juice is placed in containers for ice and then freeze.

So when you need it, for example, for a meal, dessert or juice – it will be right at your hands. You will not have to constantly drain and clean the dishes afterwards. Simply take a cube or two!

You can also freeze the lemon zest and then use it for the preparation of cakes. Only in this case you must be careful to use homemade, non-sprayed lemon.

Check out the video and see how this trick with frozen lemon can literally facilitate everyday life: