Top 17 Foods That Increase Magnesium To Prevent Fatigue and High Blood Pressure

The majority of us know the importance of getting enough calcium, vitamin c and protein through our diet, but we tend to forget other crucial vitamins and minerals.

Thankfully, magnesium is becoming more and more well-known and appreciated in the medical and nutrition communities.

However, it’s still one of the most common nutritional deficiencies, affecting up to 80% of the American population, and that’s something to be very concerned about.

According to the institute of medicine, adult men should consume 400 – 420 mg of magnesium while women should aim for 310 – 360 mg per day. Now, the foods below can help get the recommended amount of magnesium without supplementation.

How to get more magnesium?

Products containing magnesium citrate, one of the forms of magnesium supplements that’s best absorbed in the body, are available and inexpensive.

On the other hand, magnesium chloride, also known as magnesium oil (not a real oil, though), is available through various online sources, so just Google magnesium oil products to locate some. Also, you can use transdermal magnesium chloride topically as this gets easily absorbed through your skin.

If you have a magnesium deficiency your best option is to consume more foods rich in magnesium. Here are 17 foods that will magnesium in the body and improve overall health.

1. Cashew Nuts– 1 nut will assure 20% of the suggested daily intake.
2. Almonds– 1-ounce almonds are equivalent to 19% of the daily value.
3. Avocados– 1 avocado provides 15% of the suggested daily intake.
4. Bananas – 1 medium-sized banana provides you with 8% of the daily value.
5. Lentils– 1 cup of cooked lentils will provide 18% of the daily value.
6. Dark Chocolate– 100 grams of dark chocolate give you 58% of the suggested daily intake.
7. Figs– 1 cup of dried figs covers 25% of the daily value.
8. Okra– 1 cup of boiled okra will cover you with 14% of the daily value.
9. Peas- You can get 70 mg of magnesium from a cup of peas.
10. Cucumbers- A cup of cucumbers has about 40 mg of magnesium.
11. Broccoli- If you’ve never liked broccoli, its magnesium content might change your mind. A cup has 33 mg.
12. Figs- 4 cups of dried figs can give you all the magnesium you need in a day.
13. Pumpkin Seeds– 1 ounce is equal to 19% of the daily value.
14. Soybean– Half a cup of dry roasted soybeans provide you with 50% of the daily value.
15. Squash- This pumpkin-like will give lots of magnesium. One cup has about 40 mg.
16. Rice– 1 cup of long grain brown rice will satisfy 21% of the recommended daily intake.
17. Spinach– 1 cup of cooked spinach will give you 39% of the daily value.