A simple trick with which you will prepare the perfect spaghetti!

Leave the saucepans in the kitchen cabinet and take the pans.

We all cook pasta in well-known way: we take the pot, we fill it with water and leave to boil and add pasta. But for those who are big fans, and often prepare pasta, we have the perfect trick for you!

Harold McGee, food expert explains how to make the perfect dish of spaghetti with pan for cooking:

Forget the traditional cooking in the pot and take the pan.

● Put the pasta into the pot – without water!

● Then, add cold water over pasta until they are completely covered.

● Put on fire and cook with occasional stirring.

● Your pasta will be ready for 10 minutes, and in the pan will remain enough starch to prepare a tasty sauce for spaghetti.

Here’s how it looks in practice: