Recipe for juice of a Vienna doctor: Cancer cells die in 42 days

After he spent most of professional life in order to find the best medicine against cancer, he created a special juice that delivers proven results in the treatment of this threatening disease. Its completely natural juice cured more than 45 thousand people with cancer and other serious diseases.

So he developed a special regime for a period of 42 days. During these days, you need to drink a special juice based on rape and keep in mind that the diet should also be supported by a high intake of tea. During this diet regime cancerous cells starve and that’s why they die while the whole-body health improves considerably.

The juice is made from ecologically grown vegetables.


Ingredients you need:

– Beet (55%)
– Carrots (20%)
– Celery root (20%)
– Potatoes (3%)
– Radish (2%)

Preparing the juice is very simple. Mix all ingredients well.

Note: with extracted juice of beet should not exaggerate, but you should take as much as your body needs.

Beetroot is a traditionally cure for leukemia consisting of an amino acid and betaine and has anti-cancer properties.

Beet-therapy involves daily dose of beet juice is a proven positive effect on leukemia and other cancers, as evidenced by the thousands of people who are cured.

Regular consumption of beetroot helps against diseases caused by oxidative stress, and fibers containing beet can reduce cholesterol levels by up to 40%.

Beetroot is an excellent tool for the prevention of varicose veins, if we consume every day. Iron beet is a powerful tool to cleanse the body of toxins and building of the blood levels. Therefore, beet is effective in the treatment of many diseases caused by toxins.

Beetroot should be especially consumed by pregnant women because it is rich in folic acid, which protects against many diseases.

In addition, beet juice stimulates the liver and gall bladder and prevents constipation, and combined with carrots, beetroot is an excellent remedy for the treatment of gout, kidney and gallbladder.