Why Oregano Essential Oil is One of the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics Known to SCIENCE

Oregano in Greek means joy of the mountains and Greece was the first known nation to use the oil for the treatment of a variety of ailments because of its proven antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Oregano essential oil is also believed to have eight times more antioxidants than apples and three times more than blueberries.


It has excellent antibiotic properties that help to heal the human body, the antioxidants combat free radicals in the body and it also helps to stimulate the immune system.

This oil is effective in the treatment of inflammation and pain. Its leaves were traditionally used by the Greeks to treat digestive and respiratory system ailments.

Oregano oil comprises of four active healing compounds namely:

– Phenols which in their content have carvacrol and thymol are amazing antiseptics and antioxidants.

– Terpenes which in their content have terpinene and pinene have antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anesthetic properties.

– Borneol and linalool have antiseptic and antiviral properties.

– Esters which in their content have geranyl acetate and linalyl acetate have antifungal properties.

The main compound included in oregano oil is carvacrol and it is believed to be the most powerful antibiotic ever known.

Which Oregano Oil Should You Get?

It is recommended to get the Thymus capitatus or origanum vulgare variety, which is derived from Mediterranean Oregano that most often grows in Spain.

These types of oregano oil have 70% carvacrol in their content.

Oregano oil is known as a powerful antibiotic with no side effects as the other medications.

The bacteria in your body will be destroyed, without making biological changes.

People who live in the Mediterranean are known to live longer than others and their diet rich in oregano oil could be the reason for it.