Chemotherapy will kill you before cancer even could

We would like to inform you a fascinating (and disturbing) fact: When worse concerns worst, 3 in four physicians would easily decline chemotherapy for themselves.

Why? Since chemotherapy will eliminate you before cancer even could. It erases your body immune system, leaving you vulnerable to normal viruses and germs that typically would not even cause an infection. A cold might lead to pneumonia and death, thanks to the dangerous effects of chemo on your leukocyte.

Data on chemo deaths are difficult to come by since healthcare facilities and oncologists always chalk the cause of death as much as “cancer.” Even if the real cause of death is infection worsened by a badly weakened immune system, the medical offender would still formally be the “cancer spread.” The immune system becomes so weak after dosages of poisonous chemotherapy that the extremely sheets of your bed could contain the pathogens that would ultimately trigger your death.

Chemo will eliminate – however there are other ways

Cancer treatments Western medicine presses onto us also reveal another troubling reality – lots of people who are fighting cancer don’t really have cancer in the very first location. However, doctors, oncologists and x-ray professionals continue to misread laboratory lead to force people into getting damaging chemotherapy, radiation or surgery – all the while enriching the billion-dollar cancer maker.

The good news is, there are ways to reverse cancer that do not include shooting yourself up with synthetic contaminants. Hemp seed oil, natural raw coconut oil, reishi mushrooms, chaga mushrooms, marijuana sativa, aloe and fluoride-free sparkling water can all assist. Doctors just do not have the objective of informing you about all these natural treatments considering that divulging it clearly won’t bring them the cash.

Unfortunately, cancer is America’s leading cause of death for individuals under 85. Around 40% of both males and females will be identified with some kind of cancer within their lifetime. Thirteen million Americans are currently detected with cancer, and 66% of those diagnosed make it through after 5 years, which would already make them a “cancer survivor” even if they drop dead the really next day.

Chemo overdose is a real thing, and it kills people. Consider your choices, and consider them well. Even if natural treatments are reduced by Big Pharma, does not suggest they do not heal.

Your health will constantly be your choice.