Are you familiar with the rhyming creepy saying “Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”? Why such were told to the children? Are the bed bugs something that people should be really afraid of?

Sadly, the bed bugs are living creatures. They do not only exist, but they revive after a period of little activity worldwide.

In fact, you probably share the same bed with them every night.


Below, you have some tips on how to eliminate bed bugs for good.

– Get familiar with the ‘enemy’
– Grown up bed bug’s size is approximately half an inch, it is brown, its shape is oval, and it looks very similar to ticks, but it has no wings.
– Bed bugs are common since long time ago, namely thousands years ago.
– They can bite both humans and animals, and they are known to be able to suck blood for at least six times more that their size and weight.
– The bed bug bite is similar to a mosquito bite.
– They are mainly active at night and at clean places.
– Most of the people believe that these bed bugs are hiding somewhere into the beds.
– However, such bugs can be also found and they can ‘find’ you in vehicles, hotels, public transportation, furniture, etc.
– Luckily, you are not supposed to buy new and throw away the old mattress, just follow the tips below that we have provided just for you.
– It has been scientifically confirmed that bed bugs cannot transmit some diseases and that they are not threat to your health.

The tips and trick we have for you for the purpose of removal of these bed bugs from your home are very handy and useful.

Although a tough issue, you can remove the bed bugs which are settled in your home. They grow in almost every condition available, can reproduce for a short period of time and can starve up to 400 days.

One option to get rid of these creatures is by chemical extermination, but not all people would like to sleep in such sprayed rooms. Also, over time, these bugs become resistant to these chemicals and could not be exterminated even in this way. Tough, isn’t it? This is a world spread problem.

Here is a bed bug extermination plan:

1. Carefully Inspect Your Home

Early detection and prevention is the key to bed bug free home. This is the base of every extermination, and you better do it now. A mirror and a flashlight will do the trick.

Bed bugs are super tiny, and it’s almost impossible to see them. But, these like to gather on bed frames and mattresses. That’s a nice starting point.

1. Carefully check the mattresses and box springs of your bed. Lift the mattress, and check this area, too. Go across every crack and seam.
2. Can you spot any excrement, brown spot or smudges that look pretty much like dried blood?
3. Check the cracks and crevices of the bed frames. If you’ve got the courage, take them apart.

If you can notice anything of this, find the best natural method to eliminate your bed bugs. If you can’t see any smudges, step 9 is all you need.

2. Remove any visible bugs

Business card, vacuum cleaner or sticky tape can be useful for this. Choose the best method for you and be sure it works.

3. Wash the ‘bed stuff’

‘Bed stuff’ means the pillows, blankets, sheets, some stuffed toys, or literary everything that comes into contact with the bed. Wash them thoroughly and dry in a hot cycle to that if there are remained bed bugs and eggs thereof can be killed.

4. Freezing works well, too

Low temperatures can be used as the high temperatures; they have almost the same effect. So, if you are not able to wash the ‘bed stuff’, just put them in the freezer.

5. Use your vacuum cleaner

On regular basis, vacuum your mattress, carpet, crevices, bed frame and make sure that your vacuum cleaner is turned on at the best suction mode. After vacuum cleaning, immediately discard and cleans the vacuum bag, or throw the water from the container if your vacuum cleaner work on water.

6.Try Some Essential Oils

Try some cedar oil, tea tree oil, orange oil because they can harm the bed bugs. All you need to do is mix the essential oil with some water in a spray bottle and mist the treated areas.

7.Use Diatomaceous Earth

The diatomaceous earth has many advantages, especially when it comes to bed bugs. It’s being used by most professional exterminators. Just sprinkle the bed frames, mattresses, carpet with DE but make sure you wear a dust mask. Before you go to sleep, vacuum up the excess.

8.Remove the Clutter Around the Beds

As we have mentioned before, bed bugs also live in both nasty and clean places. However, if you eliminate the clutter under the beds you will reduce their hiding places. Treat these parts of your home with some of the above methods to get rid of bed bugs.

9.Little Prevention, Great Cure

The bed bugs treatment can cost you time and money, but also stress. Follow these practices and you will prevent them from happening.

– Buy some bed bug-proof mattress encasements for each mattress in your home. They are a worthy investment that will reduce the bed bugs and dust mites and will provide a healthy life and sleep on your mattress.
– Fill all of the joints and cracks in the bed frames and headboards with sealant or caulk thus reducing the bed bugs hiding places.
– Place some bed bug traps under the bed legs. This is an easy, cheap and effective solution that will detect and prevent the bed bugs before they become a problem issue. Inspect the traps routinely and return to step 1 more often.