We enjoy the juicy tropical fruit and this is especially true for oranges.
However, as soon as you eat without thinking – bark goes into the trash bin. And should not be so, because it can serve for many things. Therefore, this time we suggest the best ways to use the orange peel:
1. Grate the orange peel or shred it to pieces; so each piece put it in a container for making ice cubes, pour in water and freeze. Then add ice cubes in water or juice.
2. Make a means for cleaning: in a glass bottle put the orange peel and pour over the top with vinegar. Allow to stand for two weeks so and occasionally stir. With this combination you will get a great rinse cleansing against hardline desalination, and can also be used for cleaning the refrigerator, oven or drains.
3. Make an excellent peeling for your body: in a glass bowl, mix half a cup of sea salt and almond oil and add a teaspoon of grated orange peel and lemon. Leave the mixture in a dry and cool place. And then, before showering, rub your skin with the exactly blend. You will enjoy the treatment – and your skin will hit back with brightness!
4. To get spice powder, clean the orange peel from the white, arrange it on a baking tray and allow it to warm in order to dry completely. Then, you can grind the peel and as such may be stored in a glass container in your refrigerator. With this powder you can spice up your desserts, casseroles or salads, and your tea as well.
5. For your sink to be spotlessly clean, pour a little salt in it, and rub orange peel inside of the sink. Rinse with warm water. The result will delight you!
6. Prevent clotting of brown sugar with a few pieces of orange peel you put in the pot with the sugar, but remember that the dish should be tightly closed.
7. Every time when you put a new bag in the trash bin, at the bottom put the pieces of orange peel, which will neutralize any unpleasant odors.