How Only 15 Minutes of Walking Can Change Everything!

Sedentary lifestyles and the physical inactivity lead to serious health issues.

However, you cannot find an excuse for not having at least 15 minutes every single day for exercising.


We recommend a simple form of walking that will provide amazing effects for your health and body. Namely, you need only 15 minutes daily to support your overall health.

Researchers at the University Hospital of Saint-Etienne, the University Hospital of Dijon, the University of Lyon, the Regional Center for Cancer Prevention and Jean Monnet University in France, all confirmed the effectiveness of this exercise.

In the studies, subjects walked for 15 minutes a day, and in just a short time, they reduced the risk of death by 22%. Due to these results, doctors are now recommending light exercise such as walking for at least 150 minutes a week so you can stay healthy and live longer.

Walking can also reduce the risk of several serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes, while also boosting your vitamin D levels, improving your heart health and relieving pain all over your body. A walk can improve your mood and relax you as well, so make sure you enjoy one every day.

The Obvious

A meta-analysis of walking studies from 7 countries with average duration of 11 years found that regular walking decreased the incidence of cardiovascular events by 31% and decreased mortality risk by 32%. Walking as little as 5.5 miles a week at 2 mph will protect you from most serious diseases.

Not everyone can work out at a gym or run up 10 flights of stairs but most of us can walk.With all the benefits of walking mentioned above, it’s worth taking a little daily stroll. All you need to do it is a decent pair of shoes and 15 minutes a day. Who can’t make time for that?

Therefore, give it a try and the effects will be notices really soon!

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