Stage III colon cancer cured – survivor Chris Wark lives on to help others through his powerful testimony

The American Cancer Society should focus on interviewing and broadcasting useful testimony from people who’ve succeeded to beat cancer. One of these people is Chris Wark, a man who used to have stage 3 colon cancer. He tries to reach other cancer survivors and interview them about their experience with the battle of their life.


The Real Answers Stay in the Shadows while the American Cancer Society Continues to Mislead People

Instead of hearing the experience of cancer sufferers like Chris Wark, the American Cancer Society (ACS) invest their time and money to support the chemical approach of treating cancer of the cancer’s industry.

ACS and other similar groups invest in and project harmful approaches to cancer, while ignoring the true, integrative healing methods which rally around the production of energy at cellular level.

The American Cancer Society is using the generous donations for more pharmaceutical research focused on chemical toxicology treatments instead of strengthening the immune system.

Cancer healing rallies around the production of ATP energy at the cellular level

Approaching cancer realistically involves rallying the immune system through the production of ATP energy at the cellular level. This journey is not a silver bullet approach. Chris, along with others interviewed on his site, detail a holistic journey to healing that minimizes stress and maximizes energy. This approach challenges individuals to be strong in mind and spirit and be willing to follow precise protocols in their daily life. These protocols may mean the complete elimination of refined sugars and sodium from daily eating habits.

When cancer is diagnosed, fear and panic can set in, especially when medical professionals pressure patients into undergoing chemo treatments. Many patients toss and turn with the decision, ultimately giving in to the philosophy. A holistic lifestyle change that targets an underlying cause of acidosis, fungus, heavy metal toxicity and cellular edema, is the only real way toward immune system empowerment and ultimately cancer healing. By utilizing nutrients, oxygen and fruit and vegetable sugars at the cellular level, ATP energy can be produced in the mitochondria of cells.

By neutralizing excess hydrogen in the body with alkaline-forming foods, OH– molecules can convert excess hydrogen to water, cleansing the cells and reducing edema, welcoming greater energy production.

Chris Wark’s story brings hope to many

The treatment of cancer doesn’t have to include hair loss, weakness, and most importantly radiation. Cancer doesn’t have to be the end. The fight against cancer doesn’t have to ravage the whole body with numerous chemicals. Chris Wark was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 26. The medical professionals told him he will have to undergo a chemotherapy for 9 to 12 months, following a surgery.

The idea of destroying his body to kill the cancer didn’t make sense to him.

Even though Chris was under the pressure of doctors and family members, he and his wife were looking for another way. One day he got the book ‘God’s way to Ultimate Health’ in the mail from a stranger in Alaska. He started reading it and soon he realized the book is answer to his prayers. He started using whole foods as a new approach to heal his body.

Ten years later, he shares the story of his life change and incredible recovery without chemo or radiation. As Wark likes to say, “Cancer is the body’s brilliant attempt to save your life!”

He immediately started adopting new habits, like consuming a giant salad including cauliflower, broccoli, kale, spinach, onions, red cabbage, turmeric, onions, cayenne pepper, oregano, and apple cider vinegar – ingredients which are rich in cancer-fighting phytonutrients, on a daily basis. Besides changes in his diet, he also removed chemicals from his daily life.

As Chris explained at one Branson, MO event, it’s very hard to stay away from all the toxins found in our environment. The current number of man-made chemicals in the environment, such as car exhaust, is over 80,000, which is why this factor was one of the hardest. The human’s body needs to detoxify from these toxins, which is why it needs more raw nutrients to keep the immune system strong.

As you can see, the diet is extremely important, as well as having the cleanest household as possible. Get rid of all toxic body and hair care products, cleaning products, etc. Chris believes his daily smoothie consisted of lots of veggies, fruits, amalaki berry and other superfoods, has helped him a lot in terms of his energy and recovery.