My Son Died for This Damn Plant It Is Urgent That Everyone Knows, Kills a Child In 1 Minute and an Adult in 15!

Many people have the plant in their homes, but they aren’t aware of the dangers it causes. A young boy ingested a piece of leaf in his mouth and his tongue swelled as a reaction causing him to suffocate. So, if you have this plant in your home or office, you should know that its poison can kill a child in 1 minute and an adult in 15 minutes. Moreover, if you touch it and then bring your fingers to your eyes, it can cause permanent blindness. We are talking about a plant called Diefenbaker or commonly known as Amoena.


About the Case

This plant cost a child’s life. The 5-year-old Esteban ingested the plant while playing with it, and he experienced a strange color on his skin and difficulty breathing. After 2 hours in the hospital, the child died from poisoning. According to the blood test, there was a large dose of a chemical called calcium oxalate in his blood.

The chemical is found in Amoena, which is poisonous when consumed. Approximately 64,250 cases of poisoning with plants per year happen in the US. In case you or someone around you experiences a poisoning with this plant, you clean the mouth with a cold, wet cloth, rinse your eyes and any other area you had contact with the plant. Do not hesitate to consult a care center immediately.

If someone suffered a poisoning Diefenbaker, the National Library of Medicine of the United States recommends that you clean the mouth with a cold, wet cloth, rinse your eyes if any contact with the plant had and give to ingest milk. Then consult a care center.

Besides the fact that these situations are rare, ingestion of this plant may cause breathing difficulty, irritation with inflammation of the mucous membranes and a great salivation. In some severe case, it even affects the circulatory system or respiratory tract.

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