He put this under the insole of his shoes, and now two million people have warm feet!

If in such weather conditions, such as the rule in our country at this moment, you aren’t equipped with waterproof boots lined with fur, small are the chances that your feet will stay warm.

Yet, this mountaineer decided to share a trick with the whole world that can help you forever to have hot feet, and everything you need is just one thing which you certainly already have at home.

In fact, all you need it is aluminum foil (the one which in the summer some of you use on the windscreen), which you should cut it along the contour of the insole of your shoe and insert underneath in the boot or shoe.

And not only this piece of foil will provide extra insulation from the cold ground, but will maintain the warmth of your feet, because reflection is its main role.

So far two million people looked at this video, with most claim to have no longer problem with cold feet.