“For a month I drank the water in this way! And my body has blossomed!”

“One day, tired of the fact that I am so tired all the time, I wondered what that secret of women from Japan is, where they have porcelain skin and beautiful figure.”

“I investigated a bit and found out – as soon as they wake up, they drink a glass of water on an empty stomach,” wrote journalist portal brightside.me.

Her positive experience this time we are presenting in full:


“I decided to join and even if it is about only for a period of one month.

The experiment ran pretty great because it really does not require itself nothing special. And the change I’ve noticed almost immediately, and these are some of the highlights:

I felt fresher and healthier

A few days after I started the experiment, I felt a lot lighter, but I felt that much faster I was throwing out toxins from the body.

Metabolism has improved

As I decided to simultaneously start a different diet as well, I noticed that a glass of water on an empty stomach helps it because I had no hunger pangs. And not only that I was not hungry, but I had a lot more energy.

I lost weight

I was less hungry, and as I’ve already said that I had more energy, and even started to practice, and the results were soon more than noticeable.

Forgot about the acids

This is my problem that I faced for years. After each meal felt terrible heartburn. But from the moment when I started the practice of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach, and that problem disappeared!

My skin shone

To be honest, I looked much older than what was wrote in my identity card. Now all these fine lines and wrinkles disappeared and my skin just started to shine.

Even my hair recovered

My hair was so brittle and dry, sometimes I had to cut it twice a month. Now it’s shiny and lush, and from the cracked tops neither trace nor voice!

No urinary infections

Water solve this problem better than any antibiotic.


For a long time I do not know what it is cold and disease

The immune system has considerably strengthened, and I don’t even remember the last time I sneezed,or have a cold.

What are the rules?

Immediately after waking drink four cups of water. If this amount seems a lot to you, start with one, and gradually increase the quantity.

After that you shouldn’t eat anything during the next 45 minutes.

Two hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner, don’t eat or drink as well.