The minute that will change your life: Japanese cure for the biggest “disease” of today

It is human nature to set goals. Smaller, bigger, simpler or more complicated, sometimes unreachable. But we hope, we believe that we can adopt new habits to achieve some progress and make life just as we had pictured in our ideal scenario.

And when we finally start with and will make every effort, to light usually it turns out the other side that has any of us. On stage comes the laziness, denunciation, fear of change and a sense of burden and responsibility that we have loaded on our back. Then all of that it seems too much to us and we believe that the best (or easiest) is to give up.

But, in Japan people do not surrender so easily. And because of that in their culture there is a well-known technique called “Kaizen”.

It is based on the principle “one minute” and the essence of this method lies in the idea that every day is enough only one minute to change our habits and improve our lives. The key is that the “revolutionary” minute should be every day at the same time. One minute for making changes? It sounds impossible, but it is enough for time meaningless, and none of us has no excuse to not try to apply this method.


So, no matter if, for example, every day at 7 am you do push-ups, you read one page of a book in a foreign language or just deeply and peacefully breathe – the Japanese are convinced that this method will turn your new little routine in an activity that will cause happiness and satisfaction. With small steps will progress towards self-improvement and achieve excellent results.

But keep in mind that when you want to achieve a certain goal, it is important to surpass the feeling of distrust towards yourselves and your abilities. The most important is to realize that you have moved from the dead point is the fact that in general you started it. Encouraged by this knowledge, over time you start to extend your “minute change” and it will become increasingly important.

This technique consists of two words – “kai” (change) and “zen” (wisdom) – invented by Masaki Imai, theoretician of behavior in organization and management consultant. He believes that this philosophy is equally applicable and successful in business and in private life.

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