This doctor strongly claims and offers a remedy: When you consume enough of this vitamin, you can not get cancer!

In his book, Dr. Manera argued that the percentage of recovery is higher than 90 percent, and also cites the list of foods rich in this important vitamin.

Cancer has become so widespread disease, which is no longer reserved for the elderly, but from it massively suffer young people as well, and even babies.

The only available official cure is chemotherapy, which many medical experts call the “poison cure” because despite the cancerous, it kills healthy cells and thus destroys the complete immune system.

However, a doctor categorically claims that cancer is nothing but a lack of vitamin B17!

He likens cancer with scurvy – a condition that causes swelling of the tissues, as well as changes in the skin, joints and connective tissue. Previously it was believed that this is a disease, until it was discovered that all these symptoms represent a lack of vitamin C.

It’s about Dr. Harold C. Manera (Harold W. Manner), professor of biology and head of the biological department of the University of Chicago Lajolo.

– Those who are suffering from cancer, you first need to know what it means cancer. Do not panic. Explore their health. As no one dies of scurvy, neither you can’t die of lack vitamin B17, he argued.


Advice of doctor Maner for treating cancer

Doctor Manera believes that because in his view it is just about severe deficiency of vitamin B17, for the treatment and prevention of cancer is enough every day to eat 15 to 20 cores of bones of apricot. In fact, he believes that a cure for cancer is leatrilot, a compound extracted from amygdalin – more commonly known as vitamin B17.

He also advises that you should consume wheat germ as well, who were believed to represent a miraculous cure that prevents and cures cancer. They are rich in liquid oxygen and leatril. These substances are present in the seeds of the apples.

In his book “Death to the cancer,” Dr. Manera argued that the percentage of curing cancer using leatrilot is higher than 90 percent. Also cites a list of foods rich in vitamin B17 and argues that if you regularly consume it in sufficient quantities, you’ll never have to worry if you get this vicious disease.

Foods rich in vitamin B17:

– Bones and seeds of fruits – apples, apricots, peaches, pears and prunes (the best source of amygdalin);

– Legumes – corn, lentils, peas, beans of the species Lima beans;

– Nuts – bitter almond (the richest natural source of B17), Australian walnut, Indian almond;

– Berries fruit – black mulberry, aronia, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries;

– Cereals – sesame and flaxseed, oat groats, barley, dark rice, wheat groats, millet, rye, buckwheat, sugar cane

– Vitamin B17 is contained in brewer’s yeast and into a pumpkin.

Doctor warns on another important risk factor – chemicals that seep into our body through food. Therefore, be sure to wash your hands very well after contact with any chemistry, and to rinse dishes after you wash them with some liquid. If on the dishes remain traces of chemicals as when you put hot food or drinks in them, they will absorb toxins in and end up in your body.

As for the removal of toxins from fruits and vegetables, Dr. Maner advises to scrub their crust with salt and then rinse well with water.