10 most powerful natural antibiotics known to mankind!

Nature can be truly amazing and miraculous in so many ways and people are slowly realizing that nature can be our true savior in desperate times. Thousands and thousands of years ago when people were unfamiliar with the term medicinal antibiotic, they turned to the one thing they only knew and that was Mother Nature.

However, as medicine advanced, so did the people’s belief that nature has the cure and answer to everything was slowly disappearing. It’s true, many diseases and medical conditions came to light, some of which we haven’t even heard of before and others more progressive and advanced than ever before.

Luckily for us, the advanced technology and medicine worked in our favor. Many diseases got proper treatments and countless of medicines helped people to survive and overcome illness. Antibiotics are considered to be a great invention just because they managed to save numerous lives.

Thanks to the invention of the antibiotics, people can harmlessly and safely overpass the infections. What was once known as a dangerous and hazardous infection, nowadays people have antibiotics to thank, because they will overcome the infection in no time, without worrying about life-consequences. However, over the time and with the over-use of these antibiotics, microorganisms have become immune to the antibiotics and they’ve become stronger and stronger to fight the effects of the antibiotics.

The Problem of Super Bugs

Super bugs don’t respond to regular prescriptions of medicinal antibiotics- in fact they’re resistant to them. While our methods for killing off unwanted bacteria in our bodies developed, their methods for fighting back grew stronger. Today, we need to take serious measures to deal with the problem of antibiotic resistance so that we can once again gain the upper hand against pathological microorganisms.

The New Wave of Natural Treatments

Many people are now turning to natural antibiotics to fight milder infections and so limit the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bugs. To do it properly, however, it’s important to understand what types of antibiotics there are and what they actually do.

Choosing a Natural Antibiotic

First of all, you should know the reason why doctors do not prescribe antibiotics for the flu or a viral infection. Namely, antibiotics fight bacteria, fungi, and some parasites, but not viruses.

Similarly, natural antibiotics cannot destroy viruses. They are divided into two groups: antibacterials and antifungals, while the medicinal antibiotics are created for both types.

Yet, these natural antibiotics should only assist your therapy, and not replace the professional medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. If you suffer from a certain health condition, you need to consult your medical practitioner about what kind of natural antibiotic is best to use.

The following list contains the most potent natural antibacterials, which can be used against wound infections, strep throat, ear infections, E. Coli or Salmonella, and H. pylori.

– Raw Honey
– Horseradish root
– Apple Cider Vinegar
– Onion extract
– Habanero Peppers
– Oregano Essential Oil
– Ginger extract
– Turmeric Garlic extract


Natural antifungals work against skin rashes, yeast infections, athlete`s foot, and candida albicans overgrowth.

– Ginger extract
– Turmeric
– Echinacea root extract
– Raw honey extract

When it comes to treating a specific condition, these compounds are typically found in tincture or supplement form. Make sure you consult your medical practitioner to get the appropriate dose. For preventative purposes, eat all of these whole foods on a regular basis.