10 Magnesium Oil Benefits (How to make your own magnesium oil)

Chances are you have magnesium shortage. The fact is you may not have enough magnesium in the intracellular level even though tests show your magnesium levels are typical, research shows.

A few decades ago it was simple to get enough magnesium from dark veggies and nuts. But it’s much more difficult to get it from food nowadays because soil worldwide is considerably depleted in magnesium. In fact, spinach has lost 87 percent of its magnesium given that 1950.

Taking magnesium supplements isn’t really the very best option. When magnesium is taken orally it can cause diarrhea and loose defecation.

The body soaks up magnesium fastest when it’s applied on the skin. Here are 10 advantages of utilizing magnesium oil.


Eliminate discomfort

This is one of the leading uses of magnesium oil. It can be utilized to minimize lower pain in the back, joint pain, and arthritis signs.

Repair muscles

Magnesium helps eliminate pain and muscle soreness. Apply it on the source of discomfort.

Boost dental health

You can spray magnesium in the mouth to enhance gum health and avoid plaque buildup. It can even lower risk of mouth cancer. Keep in mind to spit it out after utilizing it.

Reinforce your bones

Studies show magnesium helps the body soak up calcium. Getting enough magnesium will guarantee your bones and teeth remain strong.

Treat skin issues

Applying magnesium oil will fix skin issues like acne and oily skin. It has actually also been proven to treat, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.

Decrease stress

Magnesium assists stabilize hormones and lower tension. In fact, a lot of anti-anxiety medications have magnesium.

Improve quality of sleep

This oil will unwind your brain and the nerve system. It will assist you drop off to sleep faster and sleep deeply.

Manage diabetes

Getting enough magnesium helps insulin work effectively. This subsequently decreases symptoms of diabetes.

Battle hypertension

This research study revealed that getting sufficient magnesium assisted lower blood pressure in hypertension patients.

Eliminate migraines

According to this study, magnesium supplements reduce migraines frequency and migraine pain.

The best ways to make magnesium oil in the house

Exactly what you need:

– 1 cup magnesium chloride flakes
– 1 cup pure water

The best ways to make it:

1. Boil the water in a non-reactive pan.
2. Put the water in a non-reactive bowl or glass then include the flakes. Cover it to prevent evaporation.
3. Put it in a glass bottle or container once it cools off.

Spray the oil on the impacted area or massage it in.

Let it sit for thirty minutes before cleaning it off.