These simple habits that you can apply from today, you reduce the risk of cancer!

On one of two people at some point in life is diagnosed with cancer, research suggests. Therefore, the association for the prevention of cancer has created a guide of seven simple steps that can significantly reduce the risk of this dreaded disease.

The risk of different cancer diseases has increased mainly due to the extended life expectancy, but also because of bad habits like smoking and junk food.

One third of cases of cancer can really be prevented with a healthy diet, physical activity and maintaining an ideal weight. Therefore, experts recommend several habits that can easily be adopted and will significantly reduce the risk of this disease.

Eat carrots

Snacks often is the right way to refresh and restore energy, especially if it is a correct choice of groceries.

Studies show that intake of only 100 calories more than you need per day, leads to weight gain of 5 kg per year. Because obesity is associated with 10 different types of cancer, it would be wise to replace the usual snacks with healthier variants such as carrots.

Cut the white bread

Replace white bread, pasta and rice with whole grain varieties to increase the intake of fiber in the body.

The fibers help you to feel full for a longer period, making it easier to maintain an ideal weight and thus reduces the risk of cancer diseases. Also help to better digestion of food, thereby reducing the risk of bowel cancer.

Replace salt with spices

Eating too much salt raises blood pressure and the risk of developing stomach cancer.

Gradually decrease the intake of salt, and over time completely discard it from your diet. Instead of salt, use spices, spice herbs, garlic or lemon to add flavor to your food without the need of salt.

You can use pepper, ginger, turmeric, chili and other spices that will add a special flavor to your dishes.

Once a week eat only vegetables


There are many studies that indicate that a too much red meat in the diet increases the risk of bowel cancer. It is recommended at least once a week to replace meat with fish or vegetables to reduce the risk of cancer diseases.

Always stand up when talking on the phone

Just 30 minutes of physical activity a day can significantly assist in reducing the risk of cancer. Not only does it maintain an ideal weight, but also strengthens the body and immune system.

Any physical activity is good, and experts recommend no less than 30 minutes a day.

Little tricks like walking while talking on the phone, use the stairs instead of the elevator, parking a little further in order to trek down and the like, can help you as well.

Replace your TV with a pleasant walk


Today people spend so much time watching television, the Internet and the like. Try to replace the little time you spend in these activities with an evening walk.