All items in the house have its shelf life. Do you know when you need to replace the kitchen ironing or the pillow?

How often do you change the chopping board and how often the pillow on which you sleep?

Probably even after they are “wear out.” The majority of people probably do not think that these are items which also have their own shelf life, as well as foods that we keep in your refrigerator.

Well, when is the right time to replace them? Experts will resolve exactly this dilemma …

Plastic containers – each three months

If you have your own favorite plastic container in which, for example, you pack lunch for the workplace or place the chunks of food, probably have not even thought about replacing it until it is not longer eatable. However, this dish should be changed, on every three months. And that is because the plastic boxes are the perfect place to hide the bad chemicals, such as bisphenol A (BPA), bisphenol S (BPS) and phthalates, which are used in the manufacture of plastics. And although the majority of studies states that in small amounts they are not dangerous, you should change the plastic food container more frequently.

Pillows – every two years


According to experts – the pillows need to be changed at least once a year or every two to three years.

When they lose their height or shape, will change the color or deformed, pillows should be immediately replaced. A good pillow should properly hold the head, or to keep in line with the shoulders and waist, as when standing upright. Also, it should provide good support for your neck and head.

Mattress – every 7 to 10 years

Quality sleep is essential for a balanced and healthy life, and a good mattress can provide these benefits. Well, if you spent seven to ten years after you purchased your mattress, then you definitely should think about purchasing a new one. And that is because over time, the mattresses are crowded with dead skin cells and the remains of worn materials. Mattress over time loses its original shape as well, but it is quite normal, given the fact that it is used daily.

Razors – every three days

Changing the shaver every three days is certainly not small expense, but experts warn that it is not something on which should save money. Dermatologists say there are several factors that affect the time on when you should change the razor, but it is advisable to do so every three to six days.

Indeed, the sharper the blade is, the better. Razor should smoothly slide across the skin. If you regularly do not change the razor, you risk to develop on him a variety of bacteria, dermatologists added.

Kitchen board – every 12 months


Substrates of which cut the fruit, vegetables and meat, especially wooden boards are mainly hiding place for bacteria. Numerous studies have shown that the wooden board gather shocking 200 percent more fecal bacteria than the board of WC shell. Therefore, you should change it every 12 months. A sure sign that you need to replace the board sooner are the stains and cracks on it.

Sponges and towels – every week

A little known fact is that sponges for dish-washing and kitchen truleks towels should be changed every week. Experts explain that when the cloth stays moist in the sink after use, then it becomes the perfect place for breeding bacteria. Even more shocking is the fact that shows that even 89 percent of kitchen cloths contain E. coli!

Wooden spoons and wooden utensils – every five years

Wooden spoons also have a shelf life. The wood is a porous material, much more porous unlike plastic or metal, which makes it vulnerable to bacteria. Here has been particularly expressed bacterium Escherichia coli, which commonly originates from raw meat or children with poor hygiene habits and that can lead to serious health problems. That is why the recommendation is in general wooden spoons and wooden utensils to be replaced after five years or earlier, especially if there are cracks in the tree or if any part becomes soft and dark, because it could mean that the wood is rotting.

Indoor slippers – every six months

Indoor slippers

After a long and busy day in the workplace, a good pair of fluffy slippers can act as the best thing in the world, so it is not surprising that we just never want to throw them. However, they are the perfect bed for the spread of fungal infections. And in order to avoid them, slippers should be washed as often as possible, and besides that it is supposed to be changed on every six months.

Brush for WC shell – every six months

It is clear that the brush that is designed to clean the WC shell is filled with bacteria. Additionally, moisture that is retained on it further encourages the development of bacteria. Therefore, the recommendation is to change every six months, or even earlier than that.