Every Sip of This 3-Ingredient Tea Clears Your Lungs of Mucus, Toxins and Inflammation

Almost every one of you has experienced some kind of respiratory problem at some point in life, either cold, allergic reaction, asthma, or just a runny nose.

Yet, most people immediately reach for some medicines to treat these issues, and their disadvantage is that they are high in chemicals and might lead to severe adverse effects. On the other hand, there is a highly effective natural lung cleansing tea which is extremely useful in the case of respiratory issues.

Cough syrup is often recommended to those who suffer from common colds. Even though this can relief you from the symptoms of the cold, it is not the real cure since it can cause various side effects if it is not taken in moderation.


You can notice the following side effects:

– Dizziness
– Drowsiness
– Nausea
– Vomiting
– Rashes
– Itching
– Swelling
– Troubles with breathing

Patients that suffer from chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma or bronchitis are often prescribed with corticosteroids, medications which are usually taken through an inhaler.

Even though this kind of medication is necessary for some people, many studies have shown that corticosteroids can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of developing a fungal infection.

Alternative medicine for respiratory conditions that does not cause harmful side effect is definitely needed.

Health Benefits of Mullen

Mullein is very effective in dealing with lung weakness, chest cold, and respiratory constriction. Its powerful health benefits are attributed to saponins, which are organic compounds that act as natural expectorant. Besides removing excess mucus from the lungs, mullein soothes congestion and other symptoms.

It also accelerates the healing process in the case of bacterial or viral infection, since the viruses and bacteria are eliminated along with the mucus. As such, it’s an excellent remedy for various respiratory complications, including asthma and bronchitis.

Here’s how to prepare the great herbal tea:


– 2 teaspoons of mullein leaves
– 1 1/2 cups of water
– 1 teaspoon of dried spearmint (optional)
– 1 to 2 teaspoons of honey (optional)


Boil the water, and submerge the mullein leaves in the water with a tea ball or a strainer. You can add spearmint in a separate tea ball or strainer as well. Allow it to steep for 15 minutes, and add honey to taste.

This tea will definitely get rid of your cold or other respiratory infections. It is also helpful in soothing the pain and congestion that is caused by the chronic respiratory conditions.