15 Ways to Flatten Your Belly!

Belly fat is the worst nightmare of those dreaming of a nice body line. And yes, it is one of the toughest areas to tone up. However, there are certain tips you can use to melt abdominal fat.

Woman trying hand to zipper her jeans

We give you 15 super-effective tips that will make firming up your tummy a lot easier:

1. Girls’ time on the track
Plan a walk-and-talk session with your friends so you can both talk abotu things that have happened lately and get fit. Having a walking buddy will help you stick to the routine.

2. Cardio
If you really want to burn that belly fat, aerobics is still one of the best solution out there. Cardio exercises help you burn 67% more calories than strenght-based workout and it will also ease problem areas like your tummy.

3. Eat a lot of fiber
Eating 10 grams of fiber daily means that your belly carries 4% less fat. Some of the most amazing sources of fiber are found in fresh fruits and veggies, beans, and cereals like bran flakes.

4. Order first
Be pushy and be the first to order in restaurants. In this way you will wait for shorter before you get your food and you will not be starving or overeat.

5. Wipe the Windshield!
Lie face up with arms extended, palms down, and legs bent at a 90 degree angle so your feet are off the floor. Keeping abs tight, lower your right legs to the floor, keeping shoulders firmly planted, then raise leg up again. Repeat with left leg and do 20 reps.

6. Vacuum
Vacuuming actually provides a great workout for your tummy, especially if you tighten your abs while you are doing it. You will get a cleaner house and a slimmer waistline!

7. Beware of the Salt
Salt causes retention of fluids and contributes to weight gain.

8. Avocados
Avocados are loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids which stop the blood sugar spikes that can lead to more stomach fat. Also, they are easy to include into anybody’s diet.

9. Skip the Soda
The calories from soda usually wind up on your belly. Try replacing it with sparkling water or unsweetened iced tea.

10. Avoid Alcohol
Alcohol can raise the levels of cortisol, which can send fat straight to the belly. Choose virgin drinks instead and you will save a ton of calories.

11. Kayak
Besides being fun, kayaking also provides a great workout for the upper body and the abdominal muscles.

12. Eat Sunflower Seeds
Sunflowers are a great source of monounsaturated fats and you can add them to your diet by sprinkling them on your lunchtime salad.

13. Eat Fish
Salmon and other fish are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help in the fight against fat. Try to get several fish servings a week.

14. Tummy Tuck
A simple way to help tone muscles is by tucking the tummy in while you walk or do housework.

15. Hydrate
Good hydration keeps the whole body functioning better – including the metabolism. You also need more water if you are working out.