A Woman Removes Her Makeup and the Internet Reacts in the Most Horrific Way


A user of YouTube, my pale skin, decided to take off her makeup and published pictures of her in the social media. Then she created a powerful video documenting the reactions. This is certainly one to take a few moments to look and then share.

Simply goes to show that people are too judgemental and cruel. I personally hardly ever use makeup anymore, but I understand the stigma that goes along with both defects and going to terrific lengths to cover them up. Lately, many favorite phrase for all of this going on today – from this to gay marriage and the Confederate flag – is “glass houses”, which some have actually misinterpreted as personal attacks. It is not. It only implies that NONE of us are perfect. All of us have flaws, and the faster we stop judging one another, the much better off the world will be.