Warning: Doing Crunches Is Actually Making Your Waist Larger! Here’s What To Do Instead!

If you’re looking to shrink and tone your belly, there’s a better way to do it than trying to do crunches. In fact, research has shown that doing abdominal exercises alone—even when performed five days a week for six weeks—has no effect at all on subcutaneous fat stores and abdominal circumference.

The cortisol is an important hormone, which depletes lean muscle and holds on to fat in the abdominal region. You can promote the burning process by getting enough sleep, reducing the stress levels, lowering the consumption of sugar, eating fats, and doing high-intensity interval training.

The Key Strategy for Reducing Belly Fat


Probably the most important thing besides the tips mentioned above is the proper diet. We present you the ABS Diet.

The ABS Diet

This diet includes various delicious foods. It incorporates healthy protein, healthy fats, healthy carbs. There is hardly anything you will have to give up. All you have to do is to include two to three of these foods in each meal and at least one in your snacks. Hence, you should eat the acronym.

A – Almonds and Other Nuts (with skins intact)

They build muscle, curb appetite, fight obesity, heart disease, muscle loss, wrinkles, cancer, and high blood pressure.

B – Beans and legumes

They build muscle, stimulate fat-burning, regulate digestion, fight obesity, colon cancer, heart disease, and hypertension.

S – Spinach and other green vegetables

Superpowers Neutralizes free radicals, molecules that accelerate the aging process. Fights Cancer, heart disease, stroke, obesity, osteoporosis

D – Dairy products (fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese)

Superpowers Builds strong bones, fires up weight loss. Fights Osteoporosis, obesity, high blood pressure, cancer

I – Instant oatmeal (no sugar or flavors added)

It increases energy, decreases bad cholesterol and regulates sugar. Enjoy it more often to fight heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer and obesity

E – Eggs

They build great muscles and boost immunity. Eat free-range eggs to lose weight and treat diseases

T – Turkey and other lean meats

Superpowers Builds muscle, strengthens immune system. Fights Obesity, various diseases