Indians Have Been Drinking This Turmeric-Saffron Milk For Centuries To Fight Inflammation And Disease!

Indian food is famous and precious all over the world for its use of aromatic spices, however these active ingredients do a lot more for our bodies than simply attract our palate. If you go to any Indian household, you’re most likely to discover a large range of medications utilizing these spices. From infections to inflammation, along with anxiety as well as cancer, this delicious health elixir is known for its important recovery homes. This dish is fitting for every season and for treating lots of ailments.


History of Indian Spices

As early as 3000 BCE, India was known as the heartland of the spice trade. Spices native to India (such as cardamom and turmeric) were cultivated as early as the 8th century BCE from the gardens of Babylon. Medical texts of Charaka (1st century) and Susruta II (2nd century) referenced spices and herbs.

Susruta II used spices such as cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and saffron for curative functions. Spices such as cardamom were consisted of in ancient natural medications for various health benefits. To this day, these 5 spices are still utilized in cooking and medicine in numerous Indian households.


Turmeric is one of the most powerful nutritional supplements currently out there. It consists of the medical substance curcumin, which is a potent anti-inflammatory. Curcumin likewise improves brain function, as it feeds neutrophils. Turmeric likewise increases the antioxidant levels of the body, which is believed to cause a decreased danger of cancer.

Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke damage have been treated with healthy doses of turmeric, and curcumin has been revealed to be neuroprotective, crossing the blood-brain barrier to regenerate brain stem cells.


Saffron is thought to be a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, premenstrual syndrome and menstrual pain. Rich in potassium, saffron is known to repair and produce cells, increasing red blood cell count. Saffron also includes high levels of serotonin, increasing state of mind and reducing hunger, making it a reliable weight-loss supplement and antidepressant.

Topical applications of saffron have actually shown to clear and soften skin, making skin fairer and less vulnerable to acne and acnes. Rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin C, saffron can be used as a supplement for optimum health.

Raw Milk

In India, it has actually been a tradition to utilize raw milk for generations. Pasteurized milk is the kind of milk we typically take in, but the procedure of heating can ruin powerful nutrients and enzymes that our body needs. Despite the advantages of raw milk, you’re unlikely to discover it at your local grocery shop.

The dairy milk in the Western world is not of the best quality, so we advise utilizing non-dairy milk. In this recipe, we use cashew milk, but you can use almond milk, hemp milk, coconut milk or rice milk. All these variations of milk are far more natural and healthy than dairy.

Additional benefits

This turmeric-saffron-cashew milk drink likewise consists of cinnamon and cardamom, which are also incredibly healthy spices. Cinnamon reduces blood sugar level levels and the risk of heart problem, cardiac arrest, and stroke. Cinnamon likewise enhances the body immune system, securing the body against bacterial and fungal infections.

Cardamom, comparable to ginger, can counteract gastrointestinal problems and gets rid of waste from the kidneys. If you experience heartburn, bloating, queasiness or indigestion, cardamom can assist you overcome these symptoms of bad food digestion.

Saffron-Turmeric-Cashew Milk Dish

This recipe will develop a quick and delicious drink that can be beneficial for inflammation, diabetes, menstrual cramps or low mood. If you aren’t experiencing these conditions, the drink is still a delicious way to ensure your body is absorbing your everyday required vitamins and nutrients. The prep time for this recipe is less than 5 minutes!


– 1 cup cashew milk
– 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
– 1-2 teaspoon raw honey or coconut sugar
– 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
– 2 green cardamom seeds
– 8-10 strands saffron
– 2 tablespoons pistachios for garnish


– Mix all the active ingredients in a high-power mixer. Adjust inning accordance with taste choice.
– Serve cold or warm. Top with pistachios and a few extra strands of saffron (optional).


The combination of these ancient Indian spices supplies a fantastic boost to your health, and it tastes extraordinary. Give this dish a shot, and let us know what you believe. Click here for another fantastic turmeric recipe.