Icaros – the fitness machine of the future!

In the future we expect more devices and machines that will combine fitness with modern technology, and that is Icaros.


One of the most interesting devices that were presented at this year trade of consumer electronics was Icaros, machine for exercising, play and stimulation of flying with the help of virtual reality technology.

For exercise can be used only the machine that helps in strengthening muscles, improving coordination and the like, but by placing the glasses for virtual reality, Icaros turns into a device simulation of flying and gaming, where by, with the movements of the body can be managed by flying through virtual landscapes.

Journalists who tested this deal transmit their first impressions, and Mashable reports that at the beginning it was difficult to get used to it, and also looks a little strange. However, when the user gets used to it, it becomes quite fun to use – something like a fitness machine of science fiction.

It should be noted that this is not an entirely new product because it is available on the market for some time, and all those who want to enjoy this fitness machine that can also simulate flying, will have to allocate 8 thousand dollars.

Given that more companies are making huge money for the development of virtual technology and devices for fitness (primarily smart watches and bracelets for tracking fitness activities) can be expected that in the future we will see more machines for exercising that will combine classical fitness with modern technology, ie technology for virtual and extended reality.

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