Every woman should know: What does the color of leachate reveals and what changes you must not ignore?

Every woman must know her intimate changes occur. Leachate is the first thing by which you can tell if you are suffering from an infection or something more serious.

The change of the color and smell may occur from inflammation and infection or changes caused by hormonal imbalance.


Yellowish discharge accompanied by a change in odor, painful sexual intercourse, with or without redness and itching leads to bacterial infection. Treatment is necessary because it is transmitted to the partner.

The thick white discharge and discomfort and tingling may be associated with dryness and cracking of the skin often caused by a fungal infection.

Watery, grayish discharge is usually a sign of bacterial vaginosis or bacterial imbalance.

Bloody discharge that lasts longer than average periods can mean hormone imbalance. If it takes a few weeks can cause serious problems, it is always important to visit a doctor.

These are the four most common problems that women tend to ignore them, but they can have serious consequences.

If you notice any symptom mandatory make an appointment or at least call to request assistance.