Death in Nevada: It happened what the scientists have feared the most

One of the situations from which most scientists fear is that bacteria will become immune to all possible antibiotics.

In the US it happened something that suggests that fears of scientists are justified. Nevada woman died after being infected with the super-bacteria that has proven resistant to all antibiotics available in the US, announced the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Disease – CDC.


Her condition proved incurable, after doctors vainly tested 26 different antibiotics before she died in September. Unnamed victim was more than 70 years, and became ill from a trip to India.

She was hospitalized in India several times before being transferred to a treatment in a hospital in Nevada in mid-August. A week later local health officials were notified that the treatment was tested with all available antibiotics, but without success.

CDC later determined that no drug currently on the market, could not stop the advance of this bacterium.


One of the biggest health threats to America

“We tried everything available in the US and nothing was effective. It does concern us. We have relied on the creation of new antibiotics for so long. But obviously bacteria and germs can quickly develop resistance than we can produce new antibiotics,” said Dr. Alexander Kejlen.

The sample that doctors in Nevada sent to CDC contains enzyme “NDM”, consisting of bacteria resistant to many antibiotics.

According to experts from the CDC, the bacteria resistant to all antibiotics are very rare and in those cases measures must be taken which include isolation of patients.

Another super-bacteria was found in at least four patients in the US last year. It is established that the bacterium is resistant even to colistin, a drug that because of adverse side effects, doctors use only in special cases.

Fortunately, the bacteria was not especially contagious.

CDC believes that the resistance of bacteria to drugs is one of the biggest health threats currently facing the United States.