7 bad thoughts that pass through the head of the depressed people

It is important to emphasize that depression does not mean just lying in bed, feeling awful and powerless. That may be part of this serious condition, but other mental manifestations include feelings of guilt, self-condemnation, illusions of personal failure or worthlessness.

Such thoughts are often unfounded in reality. Failure or incident does not mean you will not be good at something. An unhappy love does not mean that no one will love you in life.


But such nightmarish thoughts create prison in which depression is the chief guard and manager. It requires consultation with specialized personnel and above all a willingness to work to overcome the problem that should not be underestimated.

Meanwhile, here’s what happens in the mind of people suffering from depression:

I have friends, but only because they feel sorry for me

To be absolutely blind to your own positive features is an interesting aspect of the depressive picture. Torture with questions: Why this man is my friend, what he wants to achieve with that, what he gets with a worthless like me?, can act self-defeating.

They are just cultural, right? But science has confirmed the presence of good friends in life reduces the risk of depression. More likely to spread positive mood between two friends than depressive thoughts.

Happiness is not an option for me

Happiness seems unattainable and incredible for depressed people, but here is the more terrible thing – many believe that they do not even deserve it.

It is wrong to think that people who are depressed are constantly sad. They could act very well that are happy while their heart is tearing from the inside, so if you are not skillful you’ll not always recognize the hidden symptoms. But the worst is that depressed people are truly confident that will never feel happiness.

I do not know to make a cake, I’m alive failure

This form of irrational thinking is stretched to catastrophic proportions. Depressed people often visualize their failure, and when that happens in any area, they confirm that black thoughts were justified.

The average person would have laughed to the curve cake and would tell anecdotes about the failure, the depressive one feels worthless and useless.

There’s no point to eat or get out of bed

The most basic things that apply to life as getting out of bed, drinking water and eating become a huge burden. The sense of loss and hopelessness floods depressed people and they simply do not have energy to perform the most basic needs.

If he doesn’t write me back he must think I’m awful

Minor things like the one with the failed cake are seen as a tragedy with catastrophic proportions. Negative thoughts about yourself reflect in this way, do not (to) trust in people, and suspicion of their own (not) worth grows.

I load to all around me

Depression includes a huge sense of guilt, as you are not good enough for yourself, but as well for this world and the people in it. The constant feeling that you bother others and do not deserve to live because you somehow are freight is withering and exhausting.