The Way You Hug Your Partner Says A Lot About The Relationship!

A relationship is a beautiful thing to be in. The love that a couple shares is inexpressible. But many times you may not realize but some problems pop in. They may be small and negligible to begin with but with time, they grow into a big strong mountain. We are no relationship experts or counselors but we strongly believe that there few signs in every relation that if you notice, clearly indicates the problems in one’s relationship. One of such signs includes the way you hug. There are different kinds of hugs that suggest different traits of a relationship.


Here are three types of hugs that deserve some attention:

1. The Hugging Like It Is End Of The World

Deadlock is the tight hug that you don’t want to let go. It is interesting that this type of hug indicates that your relationship is serious and you don’t want to get apart ever. Still, in case if this type of hug persists even after some longer period of time, then that is something that you should talk to your partner about. This type of hug is justified if you haven’t met each other for some long time now and miss each other. Otherwise, if this hug is frequent it means your partner has a fear of losing you or you are not giving enough security that your partner actually needs.

2. The Minimal Contact Hug

Hugging a person with minimal contact or particularly with the lower body apart is surely a warning sign. This means that one or both in this relationship are uncomfortable with each other. If you are practicing this hug a lot than you should consider of dealing with some problems. This hug indicates that someone in the relationship has issues with getting close.

3. The Hugging With Legs Wrapped Around Your Waist

When you wrap your arms around your partner’s waist, it is a sign of protection. Hence, you are assured that you can deliver security and comfort at all times. This hug means that there is incredibly huge physical attraction between both partners and you are really passionate about each other on physical way. Well, if you and your partner hug like this very often, you certainly have very active life in your bedroom.