Warning: Remove These 5 Common Cancer-Causing Products From Your Home Immediately!

We all must confess that chemicals and toxins are all around us. There are chemicals and toxins in the food we are eating, environment we are living, clothes we are wearing and our homes are not safe anymore.

In order to maintain ore homes safe and free of toxins we must throw away few ingredients that most of us already have in their homes.


Here are which household items needs to be thrown away from our homes:

1. Non-stick cookware

Most of us use non-stick cookware because it is very easy for cleaning. But, the worrying thing is that when the non-stick pan or pot gets heated up, its coating begins to decompose at a molecular level and might release numerous of dangerous toxic particles and gasses which are carcinogenic. We advise you to use ceramic pots and pans because they are much safer.

2. Artificial sweeteners

Numerous people replace sugar with other alternatives, but the majority of them is even worse than sugar itself. Such dangerous artificial sweeteners include:

– Sorbitol – can’t be completely digested in the intestines, so it leads to bloating, gas, diarrhea
– Acesulfame K – might affect pregnancy, lead to tumors, and may be carcinogenic
– Aspartame – is linked to skin cancers and can be deadly in the case of phenylketonuria
– Saccharin – indigestible, it is excreted unchanged by the liver, and leads to bladder cancer.
– Hence, you should replace the above ones, with the following natural ones, cultivated without refining:
– Erythritol – doesn’t affect the levels of insulin, blood sugar, cholesterol
– Xylitol – improves bone density and reduces the risk of tooth decay
– Stevia – may lower blood pressure and blood sugar
– Yacon syrup – helps in the case of constipation since it feeds the good intestine bacteria

3. Plastic Bottles and Food Containers

Most of us are using plastic food containers to keep the remaining food. But, actually these containers are full of toxic chemicals which may enter to our body through the food stored into it. The most commonly used chemical in plastic products is Bisphenol A. There is a many studies that proved that this chemical can has negative effects on our health.

4. Air fresheners

Air fresheners get rid of noxious gas and pungent odors, but newest research has shown that they are also releasing fumes which are even more dangerous than cigarette smoke, and may lead to respiratory issues, such as asthma, and hormonal imbalance.

According to a study conducted by the Public Health England’s Center for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards, there’s a “considerable” amount of formaldehyde in the content of common air fresheners, which enters the group of “known human carcinogen” by the United States’ National Toxicology Program.

Hence, the overexposure to air fresheners has been linked to nose and throat cancers. On the other hand, you can replace them with essential oils, and your home will smell pleasant, and you will also benefit from their use.

All you need to do is to add 10-15 drops of some essential oil to a cup of distilled water and spray the solution all over the house.

5. Commercial Cleaning Products

We already know that most of the common cleaning products are filled with toxic and chemical ingredients. We are unaware that these chemical and toxic ingredients might cause many health issues, allergies, respiratory infections and so on. Avoid consuming these cleaning products and prepare your own natural cleaners. Just mix little baking soda and vinegar. This combination will eliminate bacteria and can be more effective than those commercially available cleaners.