Top government scientists refuse to vaccinate their children

It’s a pretty shocking thing that New Mexico, the school district with the greatest percentage of students whose families are pulling out of vaccines, is in fact among the state’s most scientifically literate communities.

Well, if you know how harmful vaccines actually are, you may not really be all that stunned. But for many, the 2.3 percent of students forgoing traditional vaccine programs in Los Alamos is causing quite the upset. After all, much of the moms and dads in the community work for United States Los Alamos Labs, or among the other clinical companies that call the location house. For instance, the Los Alamos National Lab has actually even performed extensive research study and development on a vaccine for HIV.


The Superintendent of the Los Alamos school systems has actually said that he finds the high rate of moms and dads excusing their kids from vaccination “curious,” considered that it is a “quite scientific and literate community.”

While the mainstream media continues to develop all sort of wild factors for why “anti-vaxxers” don’t vaccinate their children, a neighborhood of scientists continues to avoid the practice, much to the irritation of pro-vaccine activists. Los Alamos is not alone; Santa Fe’s percentage of kids not getting jabbed was simply a couple of points behind, at 2.1 percent.

Anna Pentler, the head of the New Mexico Immunization Union (a pro-vaccine group) seems to believe that not wishing to inject their children with harmful adjuvants and heavy metals is an “psychological problem,” and not an issue of ethics and morality. She says that while the science might be “99 to 1 ″ in favor of vaccines, a parent’s anecdotal story of how vaccines harmed their child could quickly sway another moms and dad’s viewpoint.

While it is true that the countless horror stories that numerous parents and children are forced to sustain post-vaccination suffice to give any sensible parent pause, the reality is that the science behind vaccine damage is likewise all there. The issue is that no one wishes to think it; nobody desires their reality disrupted.

As the Kid’s Medical Safety Research Institute states,” [T] here is a large body of clinical evidence confirming numerous vaccine safety deficits that neutralize well-publicized advantages. For instance, a number of studies reveal that thimerosal (mercury) and aluminum in vaccines can trigger neurological, immunological and developmental damage.”

The CDC itself has carried out investigations on the hazardous results of certain components in vaccines, and discovered that they carried out in reality disrupt neurological advancement in young kids. But the mainstream media doesn’t appreciate that; they want you to fall in line and do your “due diligence” by getting vaccinated to maintain society’s “herd resistance” – which isn’t really even real, by the way.

The vaccine agenda is one based upon smoke and mirrors; its all a ploy to conceal the damaging results of vaccines that are felt worldwide. And it appears that the scientists in Los Alamos are brave enough to go against the grain, instead of putting their kids in damage’s way simply to please society.