These 4 Herbs Can Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer’s, Depression, Anxiety and Much More

Today, when the natural is overruling the medicine, herbs have become quite popular thanks to their powerful health properties.

The stressful and intense life most people lead nowadays makes them anxious. Also, the number of people suffering from mental problems, such as Alzheimer’s, is constantly increasing, for which many of them have to seek medical help.

Luckily, the alternative medicine constructed from herbs and herbal remedies can eliminate these diseases. In this post, you will learn which herbs are great for eliminating and preventing anxiety, stress, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and more.


1. Rosemary – ‘Dew of the Sea’

This plant is proven to improve memory, which is great for those with Alzheimer’s disease. A study involving 60 people at older ages has proven that those who consumed rosemary were among those with the best results. Therefore you should regularly consume rosemary and never left of your meals.

2. Peppermint

This plant is usually used for treating stomach issues, improving overall health, and eliminating bad breath. However, it is also useful and beneficial for your brain health. By inhaling the vapor from mint (peppermint) tea you can enhance your brain function, including making rational judgments, memorization, problem-solving, etc. Simultaneously, the levels of anxiety and stress will become lower, and the feeling of calmness will increase. Also, the oxygen levels will be improved, and blood flow and blood pressure will be controlled.

3. Ginseng

Shown to improve cognitive function and improve mood, this herb has been used as a substitute for pharmaceutical medications that treat ADHD and ADD (especially when taken in conjunction with Gingko Biloba). It also reduces inflammation.

Studies have shown increased mental performance in Alzheimer’s patients who used the herb daily for a minimum of 12 weeks. The Asian or Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) contain the most beneficial compounds. Panax Ginseng is usually taken in doses of 200 to 400mg daily for general ‘preventative’ medicine.

4. Ginkgo

Ginkgo tree has round yellowish fruits and unusually shaped leaves. The fruit was used for curing numerous diseases. It is packed with antioxidants called terpenoids, whose main function is to prevent organ damage. Thanks to its proven ability to improve circulation and the oxygen levels, it can potentially cure dementia, hence called ‘the brain herb’.