New formula: Are you skinny or obese, calculate the new method!

Are you fatter or weaker than you think? Until now what – such indicator was body mass index. Now an Oxford mathematician discovered that this model has many flaws, so digestion is a new formula that is more realistic than that used in 1840.

Mathematician Nick Trefethen, who tested the formula on himself, points out that many low men actually thicker than you might think, based on the calculated BMI, and the high people’s back.


According ever used BMI value of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered normal, smaller means you are weak and overweight would be more than 25. The calculation is done so that the weight in kilograms divided by height in centimeters.

Under the new formula, BMI is calculated as follows: 1.3 x weight / visina2.5

– Those who are 182 centimeters tall would lose in his BMI by one point, and those with a height of 152 centimeters from the current BMI probably will spend in one that shows overweight – said Trefethen.

The experts have long been wondering whether the current formula for BMI is real if it does not take into account the difference in muscle or adipose tissue, which may indicate that an athlete with strong muscle mass is actually fat. Trefethen mathematician thinks that in the future to calculate the BMI should be used the new formula.

Quickly and simply calculate your BMI on your new formula here.

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