Inside the Cryotherapy Craze: Why Celebrities and Athletes Take the Deep Freeze!

Many people don’t know this, but treatment of Cryotherapy was touted as a way to acquire relaxation, lower tension, enhance sleep disorders and significantly enhance jet lag. However cryotherapy was very first developed in physical medicine for 3 primary conditions; to assist professional athletes recover and improve their efficiency, to prevent regressions for various health problems and in the treatment of muscular and inflammatory pathologies. The anti-aging virtues of severe cold have actually been understood for a long time in Nordic and Eastern nations for rejuvenation and as an obvious water fountain of youth.

It wasn’t until at the recommendation of several stars, I began a diet treatment in Los Angeles with well-known Lifestyle Medication Expert Dr. Joe Raphael. Dr. Joe began me on a basic regimen of losing weight using low calorie protein shakes while keeping a limited but sensible diet. I rapidly discovered how stars like Christine Aguilera had the ability to reduce weight so quickly and securely, and have been a dedicated disciple of Dr. Raphael since.


While exercising belonged to the follow up to the diet, I found that my joints were not recuperating well and I was frequently in pain fluctuating stairs. Dr. Joe referred me to the Cryohealthcare Center in Beverly Hills to basically freeze my discomfort away. I had checked out for some time how popular the center was with numerous famous celebrities and major athletes consisting of Floyd Mayweather and the expert dancers from the ABC-TV series “Dancing with the Stars.”


I decided to offer it a shot and arranged a visit. When I arrived I was met three supermodels, (well in my mind they seemed supermodels), in fact they were the owners; Medical Director and Co-Founder Jonas Kuehne, M.D, his wife Emilia Kuehne and brother Robin Kuehne, both Co-Founders and Managing Partners. Tan, fit, extremely crucial and energetic, this was the dream group that I wished to treat my worn and aching body.

Cryohealthcare is the only company in the U.S. to include a single-person Cryosauna, a Walk-In Cryochamber, and regional cryotherapy gadgets in their office. Cryohealthcare was amongst the very first companies to bring Cryotherapy to the United States in 2009. Dr. Kuehne graduated from UCLA School of Medicine (’03) and was the very first physician to present this alternative non-medical treatment in Northern America with the business’s headquarter in Los Angeles. Dr. Kuehne also established and trademarked the CryofacialTM treatment and set standards in positive outcomes and safety because their introduction.