Here’s How To Identify Rice That Contains Plastic!

The greatest rice producer in the world is China. They harvest more than 200 million tons yearly and a great part of it is exported throughout the world.

However, people need to be very careful when it comes to rice exported from China. Namely, it is high in pesticides, but there has been rice which has been manufactured artificially, i.e. there exists fake rice. The grains are steamed with a rice aroma.


The doctors are now warning that just 3 portions of the fake rice contain just as much plastic as a plastic bag, so it’s quite alarming and we should be more careful of buying rice.

Fortunately, Here, are a few simple tricks which will help you determine if the rice you’ve bought is real or fake:

The water method

Just pour a tablespoon of fresh rice in cold water and observe: if the rice stays at the surface, it’s definitely fake!

The fire test

Try setting a little bit of your rice on fire with a match or lighter. If it starts burning right away and smells like burning plastic, then you know what to do! (Do not eat it!)

The Mortar and Pestle Test

Real rice turns into white and starchy powder when crushed with a mortar and pestle, but artificial rice will appear as light yellow discoloration.

The Mold Test

This is probably the best way to detect fake rice – put a handful of cooked rice in a container and leave it in a warm place for 2 days. If the rice is moldy afterwards, it’s organic. The plastic rice will be free of mold after 2 days.

Try these tricks and identify rice for yourself! At least you can be certain about what you’re buying!