8 Hand Signs Yoga Masters Use To Get Rid Of Migraines, Anxiety And Depression

Nowadays yoga is one of the most popular and practiced techniques for releasing stress worldwide. It is proved as one of the most effective ways for relaxing and it also is approved by the modern medicine. Doctors and professional say that yoga helps for relaxing the nervous system and gives the body more energy and “food” for the days that come than any other kind of leisure. There are also other forms of exercises and methods for releasing anxiety and stress, but yoga is above all of them. It is recommendable because it can achieve the same effects to the healthy and diseased people.

When practicing yoga the point is not to do some difficult or heavy exercises or acrobatic movements, but it is putting your body in some at first sign difficult and impossible shapes. It requires total concentration of the mind and body. You need to control your breath and weight. By concentrating on these things, you release bad energy and increase you awareness.


Here are the most important and useful hand poses that are connected with yoga. They are called Mudras.

Mudra of Life (Prana Mudra)

It balances the body energy, strengthening the immunity and revitalizing the body. It helps with eye problems, insomnia, and is great during fasting because it reduces hunger pangs. Touch the tip of the thumb with the tips of the ring and little finger, and the other 2 fingers should be kept straight. Preform this mudra any time of the day. It will provide a lot of energy.

Mudra of Earth (Prithvi Mudra)

This mudra will be of great help when you feel exhausted and stressed out, as it reduces weakness, helps digestion, and boosts the blood circulation. Put the tips of the ring finger and the thumb together, and press. The other 3 fingers should be extended.

For best effects, perform this mudra in the morning.

Mudra of Fire – Agni Mudra

This mudra is also named a Surya Mudra, a mudra of the sun. It treats anxiety, weight problems and digestion as well as stimulates the thyroid gland.

Fold your ring finger and press the base of your thumb with the second phalanx of the ring finger. Stretch out the other three fingers.

Practice this mudra only in the mornings, in a sitting position and on an empty stomach. Hold it like that for 5-15 minutes, twice a day. Avoid this posture if you feel weak or if it is hot.

Mudra of the Heart – Apanu Vaya Mudra

This mudra is especially beneficial for those who have suffered a heart attack because it strengthens the heart. It should be performed every day.

Touch the tip of the thumb with the tips of the ring and middle finger. Stretch out the little finger while the index finger touches the base of the thumb with some light pressure.

You can practice this mudra as often as you can. For heart problems, practice 15 minutes at least.

Mudra of Knowledge – Gyan Mudra

This method is good for improved and well-based knowledge. By these Mudras our memory and concentration are boosted so we are able to memorize more things and still be fresh and energized. This Murdas is also good for improved endocrine function and reducing insomnia.

Touch the tips of your finger and index fingers while the other three fingers are stretched. Do it every day in any time. We advise you to do it every morning.

Mudra of Water – Varun Mudra

It provides numerous benefits for the skin, moisturizes it, and regulates the fluids in the body.

Instructions: You should slightly touch the tips of the thumb and little finger, and keep the other fingers stretched out.

To prevent dehydration, you should not press the nail of the little finger. You can perform it anytime during the day while sitting. Also, avoid it in the case of asthma or other respiratory issues.

Mudra of Air (Vayu Mudra)

It is great in case of gout, paralysis, arthritis, rheumatic conditions, cervical spondylosis, and Parkinson’s disease because it releases the excess air from the stomach. Hold the index finger and put the thumb base against its distal phalanx (the bone which is near the finger). Place the thumb on the index finger and press it slightly, stretching the other 3 fingers. Perform the mudra each time of the day, holding for 45 seconds in order to relieve the pain. If you use it for a prolonged time it may cause body imbalance, thus in such case stop performing it until you achieve the desired results.

Mudra of Emptiness

It is beneficial for curing earache.

Place your thumb over the ring finger and press it with the base of the thumb. Make sure you cover the bone which is near to the tip of the ring finger.

When you feel the benefits make a break and do not do this method.