60 Minutes On This Bicycle Can Power Your Home For 24 Hours!

Have you ever been at the gym and looked around at all the exercise machines and the people using them and wondered, “wouldn’t it be great if we could convert all that energy into electricity? It could power the whole building!”


Manoj Bhargava has.

The newest invention marketed by his company, Innovations Ventures LLC, is called “Free Electric”: it’s a recumbent bicycle that is hooked into a generator.

What is more, this power invention is able to lift the 1.3 billion people who are currently too poor to live with electricity.

Pedalling for one hour will provide your home with electricity for twenty-four hours. No pollution, no relying on the grid, no electric bill.

Its founder, the millionaire, together with his team, innovated this bike with the aim to use the mechanical energy created by people and utilize it to solve one of the most common problems these days.

He states: “Everything requires energy. Energy is the great equalizer.” He also notes that even half of the population in the worldwide has no electricity for 2-3 hours every day.

Hence, this free energy will be used to light the homes of millions of poor people, and it will provide an opportunity for them to use the Internet and educate. Bhargava says the reason the majority of those who are poor stay poor is because they have no power. He aims to fix this with the free energy bicycle.

One bicycle could potentially provide a small village with electricity if each household spends on hour per day pedaling the bike.

In developed nations, the bike could also be utilized to cut energy costs and remedy the obesity crisis.

Additionally, Bhargava believes that if half of the world uses this bike, half of the world would be using eco-friendly energy, as this bicycle generates clean energy. Hence, his intention is to distribute 10,000 of these bicycles in India next year.

Moreover, this amazing person has pledged 90% of his wealth to charity and research, in order to help the poor and invest in newer technologies in order to ease the modern living.

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