Women beware: Potentially “toxic” ingredients in tampons!

French L’specializing in consumer protection “60 million consumers” claims that in women’s tampons there are remains of “potentially toxic” – dioxins, glyphosate and other pesticides and asked the French government to impose stricter controls, MIA reports from Paris.

The presence of these toxic substances was discovered from the review of the National Institute for Consumer (INC), “but the detected levels are low.”


The issue is that some of these substances are suspected as endocrine disrupters, and scientists do not have enough data to assess the risk for women, says the magazine.

The presence of potentially toxic residues were detected in 5 of 11 female tampons analyzed from 60 million consumers. The magazine especially states that it found “traces of dioxin in tampons of two big brands.”

In addition, according to the magazine, “glyphosate residues” a chemical ingredient that is used in herbicides, including Roundop and during the examination were found in a protective pads for female panties as well in a brand that claims he was bio.

Given these results, Inc. “inform the French authorities and requires the establishment of specific rules for women’s protective pads and tampons by imposing greater transparency and tighter controls, and labeling of the composition.