Solar Seawater Distiller Turns Salt Water into Drinking Water Using Only Sunlight!

A revolutionary ceramic solar-powered still has the ability to combat one of the greatest threats to human life in the developing world, water insecurity. The solar still turns salt water into fresh water and can be built for under $50 U.S. dollars.


Water insecurity is one of the biggest issues facing the developing world today, but innovative designer Gabriele Diamanti has created a simple, yet effective, solution.

The Eliodomestico is basically a personal desalination still, which operates similar to an “upside down coffee percolator.” The device is an open-source design, noted for its remarkable simplicity to build and use, as specifically intended by Diamanti when creating the solar still.

At Core77 Design Award 2012 -social impact category and finalist at the Prix Émile Hermès 2011 competition, this ingenious distiller was the winner.

If you want to see how it works you can watch this video posted below.