How the often looking at your mobile affects the body and brain?

It is true that for the normal functioning of the body is needed a great deal of light, but if it comes from a mobile phone or any similar device, is achieved the opposite effect.

For example, if you look in the phone at night, and the body needs darkness to sleep, unconsciously you begin secretion of melatonin – a hormone that hinders you in the goal of falling asleep again.


It is important to know another 5 things that we do to the body every day because of the excessively long and often looking at the display:

1. The accumulation of toxins


Looking at the screen violates your natural cycles or unnecessary secretes certain hormones as already mentioned, the case with the melatonin. It further leads to filling the body with toxins that later turn into anxiety, frustration, headaches and stress.

2. It is harder to learn


The less you sleep, the less information you receive during the day. No wonder that after the break when you “peek what’s on Facebook” you feel more tired than rested.

3. Forgetfulness


The more unnecessary information you take, the easier you forget the necessary. For example, where you have left your scarf? (which is obviously on your neck)

4. Hunger


The wrong secretion of melatonin bothers you in other normal processes. For example, the work of the stomach. When your body is tired, and the brain is awake, it is logical that the stomach will get a signal that is empty because you need energy.

5. Blurred vision


To avoid this problem, as all the previous ones, it is necessary to leave your cell phone away from you 2 hours before you plan to sleep.