New hit for weight loss: Black lemonade!

Plastic bottle full of black lemonade is the last hit that spread on social networks when it comes to nutrition.

Although on the pictures it looks great, the famous bloggers are already crazy about it, the best feature of this lemonade is that it is incredibly healthy.


You don’t believe that something so black can be a natural and healthy? You’re wrong!

The unusual black color of the lemonade is actually due to activated carbon which is derived from peat, coconut bark and wood.

Moreover it contains lemonade and lime juice, lemon, water and corn syrup sweetener (for flavor).

Thanks to these ingredients, black lemonade is recommended to detoxify the body, but also to reduce excess weight. A combination of coal and vitamin C is a great cure for a hangover.


How to do it at home?

In ¼ cup of water add freshly squeezed juice of 2 lemons, 1 teaspoon of activated charcoal and a little honey (for better taste, it can be without it). Optionally you can add 2 drops of essential oil of lime and a few grains of Himalayan salt.