Eating fat cheese could be the key to a happy life!

Daily consumption of fat cheese could be the key to a happy life, according to a latest scientific research.

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen found that eating cheese is good for a healthy heart.

In the study 12 weeks long, involving about 139 people, a third of respondents each day consumed 80 grams default, fat cheese, the another third consumed 80 grams of skim cheese.


The control group instead of cheese ate 90 grams of bread with jam.

The results showed that in the group that consumed fat cheese not only there wasn’t a change in the level of cholesterol, waist and blood pressure, but their general health was improved.

Although cholesterol level in respondents of all groups remained the same on average, among persons who consumed fatty cheese there was an increase in the level of “good” cholesterol.

An independent Japanese research has shown that eating cheese prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver, while others suggested that could contribute to better sleep, better mood, and even easier weight loss.