Doctors warn: This is why you must not sit with wet swimsuit!

Doctors warn that because of these three reasons you have to change your swimsuit every time you exit the water.

woman in swimming pool

1. Bladder Inflammation

Sudden changes in temperature as exiting of air-conditioned space or entry into cold water can be culprits for inflammation of the bubble. A wet bathing suit is cold before to be completely dried.

Frequent urination is the first symptom that you will notice, and tingling. Doctors recommend drinking plenty of fluids in order to throw out the bacteria, hot tea and fresh fruits and vegetables are always welcome.

2. Fungal infections

Infections of this type can easily occur if you swim in the pool. The most endangered are people who eat a lot of sweet, drink alcohol and have a weakened immune system because they are often exposed to stress.

The most common symptoms are redness and itching, and the problem can only be solved with adequate therapy of antibiotics.

3. Inflammation of the ovaries

Inflammation of this type is very often while you’re on vacation, and symptoms usually are pain in the lower abdomen, on the ovaries, and increased temperature.

It must be treated with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor, and to prevent its occurrence avoid cold drinks and walking barefoot.

However, if you encounter such inflammation while you’re on vacation, often heat the stomach and expose it to the sun.