The Difference Between ‘Type A’ And ‘Type B’ People In One Hilarious Comic

The difference between a personality “Type A” and “B-Type” is virtually the same as there is between day and night. Typically, a type A have difficulty relaxing, while people of Type B are more carefree. The personality type can’t stand the slowdowns, while type B prefers the rhythms more relaxed.

But nothing has managed to sum up so accurately the contrast between personality type A and type B as this illustration is from Owl Turd Comix


While we should clarify that Type A people are not actually this unhinged, this comic does nail three things about the Type A/Type B divide:

1. Type A people tend to be hypersensitive to time, because they hate to waste it.

2. The personality of type B, in general, enjoy the path, while the types are based on the objectives. “The personality type A are more busy to bring home the result” as he explained to Huffpost John Schaubroeck, professor of psychology and management at Michigan State University. “From the moment that you commit so much to achieve their purposes, it makes sense to say that they could have more opportunities to succeed”.

3. Often, individuals of type A are competitive. For them is out of the question to lose with sportsmanship. When we decide to do something they want to be the best, no doubt about it.

Of course, there are so many people that show characteristics of both personality. For example, you can be a “type-less”.

In addition, the various types of personality should be taken with tongs, because there is not an exact science on the subject. But, regardless of the type of personalities that you think represent you, we believe that anyone who may be able to find a bit of himself in this poignant vignette.