Be Careful! What Are You Buying: Did You Know What Does The Stickers On The Fruits Mean!?

You surely have already spotted the stickers on the fruits purchased in the market today. Do you know what does this sticker means and what is its purpose?


1. If the sticker contains a 4-digit code starting with 3 or 4, it means that the produce was cultivated in the second half of the 20th century, and some artificial fertilizer was used.

2. In case the code has five numbers and begins with the number 9, than this means that the product has been cultivated traditionally, as the people grew plants in the past, and today we know it as organic way of growing. This product wasn’t exposed to pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

3. If the sticker is a 5-digit code starting with 8, you’re looking at a GMO product.

You should always keep in mind this information and be careful next time when buying your fruits and vegetables. Always look for those whose sticker contains the 5 digit code that starts with number 9.