7 changes that will happen when you stop putting make-up!

What makes us happy when we are at home, apart from sleep and seeing all delayed episodes of favorite series, is definitely a face without makeup.


When you do not have to worry if somewhere your powder has spilled or whether you have left without mascara …

7 things that will happen if you decide for “au naturel” face:

1. At the beginning you will feel insecure

We know exactly what you think: Do I look tired? Or would be less attractive? Whether the colleagues and friends will comment about me? In fact, chances are that nobody will notice.

2. Maybe the stress levels will be reduced

Realistically, make-up is known to be stressful. Whether the powder is evenly? Are the lines equal in both eyes? If you choose not to wear makeup to the face, you get rid of all these pressure issues.

3. The skin will become more beautiful

From powders to corrector and blush – so many layers that you place on the skin. And to be honest, you probably don’t wash your make-up every day, and it means that the impurities remain in the pores.

4. You will look younger

Especially if you wear make-up a lot. Those spots and redness of the face that you persistently try to hide it, will make you look younger.

5. You will devote more attention to the face care

If you opt out of make-up, then you want your skin to look as good as possible, right? Serums, masks, SPF – all these things will become the new favorite products.

6. You will be more appreciative of your hair

The free time you have now, you will use it for hair care.

7. You may realize that you do not need make-up (or at least that you need less)

Once you start to wear make-up less, the next makeup you will like it less. Instead of liquid powder will surely opt for corrector and it will be quite enough … instead of complex shading of the eyes, you will just put mascara …