5 Ways to Improve your Lousy Posture!

Modern life poses many challenges when it comes to maintaining proper posture. We tend to slouch while typing on computers and often assume unhealthy positions when using their smartphones. Because many of us remain “connected” from morning to night, posture challenges can plague us for most of our waking hours.

Bad posture isn’t just a cosmetic issue; poor posture can lead to serious back, neck, and shoulder injuries, and, according to some studies, reduce effectiveness of breathing, cause headaches, and even alter hormone levels in the body.

It’s hard to tell if you have a problem; you may not even be aware of your own lousy posture until you see yourself in a photograph.



Good posture: Your back is straight, neck and shoulders are tucked back, with chest up and forward.
Poor Posture While standing: Walking with the head down and back hunched over, shoulders and neck are tilted forward.
Posture While Sitting: Leaning way too far out of the chair with the next sticking out and shoulders rolled forward. Little or no lumbar / lower back support.

Note: There are other forms of bad posture too, but these are the most common.

Here are 5 ways to improve your posture:

1. The Wall Trick
Stand up versus a wall, a couple of times each day. Make note of this position, as it will act as a pointer of how to stand up straignt. Dedicate this position to memory as typically as possible.

2. The Foam Pad
Individuals who being in chairs throughout the day can establish bad shoulder posture in which their shoulders are rolled forward, with their neck hanging out like an ostrich. To neutralize the shoulder problem, put the foam roller on the ground and set on it vertically. The roller ought to be lined up with your spinal column, so gravity will pull your shoulders back … and your neck too. Doing this a couple times a day can work marvels.

3. The Doorway Stretch
Stand in a doorway with your hands against the edge. Lean forward so your shoulders are being drew back and your chest is leaning forward. You can try this workout at various height positions by changing your hands in the doorway.

4. Keep the Back Strong
When you keep your back strong, it’s a LOT easier to keep great posture throughout the day. Two workouts in specific are back rows, and shoulder shrugs. Look them up and get busy!

5. Be aware of your Posture Throughout the Day
Any time you’re taking a seat or walking around, be aware of whether you are slumping over or standing put up. When you’re sitting, pay attention to whether you’re upright or hunched forward. Make it a routine to catch and correct yourself, and do it often.

Idea: If you work in an office, make certain you’re sitting upright. Do not use a workplace chair that rolls back like a rocking chair. Otherwise, you’ll discover your neck and shoulders creeping forward to look at the screen.

Now tuck in your chin, roll your shoulders back, and stand up straight!